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custom monogram



Personalised Monogram

Add a personalised touch to your event or wedding with monogram lighting!


We can project your name, initials, date or company logo onto the dance floor or wall of the venue for all of your guests to see. You can choose the style of fonts or choose from ready designs. We can also create a custom design for you or match artwork that you may have had produced for your invitations or napkins...the possibilities are endless!


$140  (with a DJ or Photo Booth package)







Wedding / Engagement  Designs - Full Name

Wedding / Engagement  Designs - Initials

Personalised Monograms- with Animation

Live monogram projection is now available!  Choose any animation below to work with any of the monogram designs above. 







Spark 3

Spark 2

Flower 3

Arrow 1

Spiral 3

Star 1

Star 3

Sun 2



Sun 1

Moving Stars



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