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Below  is a list of popular music genres. During the course of an event its likely to hear a variety of music in aim to 'please the crowd'.        Our Djs are educated, trained, and cultivated with the goal of playing you the right music at the right time.  


We even take our services a step further  and offer to customised a music playlist that you specifically like to hear at your event.  You can preview songs, add songs, create a guest request list and much more with our Online Event Planner.   

• Top 40

• 70’s, 80’s Retro

• 90’s Dance

• House music

• Chill

• Lounge

• Jazz and Blues

• Rock

• Alternative

• Indie

• R n B

• Hip Hop

• Old School

• Rock n Roll

• Classical

• Salsa

• Country

• Balads

• Sixties

sample mixes
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