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Guests at your event are treated to an unforgettable experience when having their picture taken by Ace Photo Booth. From the moment they enter our photo booth, they are mesmerized with the props and equipment…and can't wait for the lights, camera, action!

Our photo booth isnoordinaryPhoto booth!   It’s a  WALK IN style booth and capable of taking studio quality
full frame images– not just head shots . We can cater up to 10 people at a time per photo.  We print instant, quality prints comparable to those achieved in the photo lab and Photos are delivered in 6 x4 inch post card size, or 2 x 6 inch strips.  Booth Size is either 2.1m x 2.1m x 2.6m or 3m x 2.6m x 2.1m.  We can work in a smaller space, without the enclosure.

We utilize
are instantly superimposed onto fun and exciting backgrounds that have been customized to suit takentechnologies1) Green Screen Photography; Photos
twoto the theme of the event. The final photo looks magical and believable!  
2) Traditional backgrounds;  we use stage grade Velvet in colors Black or Red. Other materials can be used such as vinyl printed standing banners, etc.


As part of our service; we'll even customize your background. If you have a particular theme for your event, or like to incorporate your business Logo or a message, we can work with you to create something special just for you.

We providePhotoBoothHireservices , Gold Coast & Brisbane for Weddings, Engagements, Corporate Functions, School Formals, Bars, Clubs, Private Parties…and more.

Ace Photo Booth Hire, not only provides a great service and quality photos, we offer the most competitive rates in town and the most Fun photo booth experience on the market.

Inquire today!

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